Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, CT | News - The Fairfield Hills campus is owned by the Town of Newtown, Connecticut. Campus redevelopment is ongoing and offers opportunities for private and municipal uses.
Fairfield Hills Campus, Newtown, Connecticut
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Parks & Rec Planning Fall Carnival At Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 10/13/201

Mile-A-Minute ine InvadeVs Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 10/11/2017

Groundbreaking Signals Start Of Fairfield Hills Streetscape Work
(Newtown Bee) 5/20/2017



Hundreds Of Custom, Classic Vehicles Converged At REACH Car Show
(Newtown Bee) 9/28/2016

Canaan House Cupola is Last Section Standing
(Newtown Bee) 8/23/2016

Parent Connection Opens in Duplex at Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 7/29/2016

Demolition Begins Soon At Canaan House
(Newtown Bee) 6/10/2016


Vacant No More: How Connecticut Is Investing in Abandoned Properties
(NPR) 7/28/2015

New Trail Leads Through Meadows, Gardens, at FFH
(Newtown Bee) 7/7/2015

Catherine’s Butterfly Party Takes Wing
(Newtown Bee) 6/15/2015

Selectmen Quiz Mental Health Hospital Developer On Security, Admissions
(Newtown Bee) 5/22/2015

Trail Extension Begins at Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 4/20/2015

Widower Celebrates His Beloved 64 Years After Meeting At ‘Fairfield Hospital’
(Newtown Bee) 4/3/2015

Spring Project Will See Extended Trail At FFH
(Newtown Bee) 4/2/2015

HealthVest Makes Bid To Build Behavioral Health Facility At Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 3/25/2015

Seniors Fill First of Several Community Center Information Sessions
(Newtown Bee) 3/4/2015

Authority Peers Into the Future of Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 2/25/2015

Year in Review: Former State Hospital's Danbury Hall Razed
(Newtown Bee) 1/3/2015

Year In Review: Newtown Welcomes New Ambulance Corps Headquarters
(Newtown Bee) 1/3/2015


Recommended CIP Allocates $10.5 Million For Fairfield Hills Building Demolitions
(Newtown Bee) 11/8/2014

Authority Reviews Proposals For Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 11/6/2014

Economic development 'dream team' formed in Newtown
(Newstimes) 10/14/2014

An Acute Care Facility Proposed For Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 10/6/2014

Crews Begin Danbury Hall Demolition
(Newtown Bee) 9/29/2014

CEO Proposes Psychiatric Hospital For Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 9/26/2014

Razing A Relic At Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 9/27/2014

Newtown Arts Festival Creates Celebration Of Arts in All Mediums
(Newtown Patch) 9/16/2014

Newtown Arts Festival: Smiles, sculptures and splatters
(Newstimes) 9/15/2014

Grant Funds Brings New Tenant to FFH
(Newtown Bee) 8/29/2014

Rooster Ball returns Sept. 12
(Newtown's Hamlethub) 8/19/2014

Local Resiliency Team Is In Place, Redy to Meet Residents
(Newtown Bee) 8/14/2014

Rooster Ball Set For September 12 To Support Newtown Arts Festival
(Newtown Patch) 7/24/2014

Antiques Market At Fairfield Hills Campus: Barn Star Productions And Local Organizations Have Fine Day In The Sun
(Newtown Bee) 6/25/2014

Farmers' Market Opens June 24 At Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 6/20/2014)

New FHA Chairman Reveals Updated Vision For Community's Campus
(Newtown Bee) 6/16/2014

Ambulance Garage Still A Few Months Away From Completion
(Newtown Bee) 5/9/2014

Grant Will Cover Abatement Of Single-Family Homes in FFH
(Newtown Bee) 4/28/2014

A New Year And Fresh Start For The Victory Garden
(Newtown Bee) 4/25/2014

Newtown Antiques Market Adds Garden Antiques, Jewelry & Decor To Its Offereings
(Newtown Bee) 4/19/2014

Brownfields Grant Will Aid FH Hazmat Assessments
(Newtown Bee) 4/17/2014

Bunny Watch 2014 Preparations Underway
(Newtown Bee) 4/10/2014

Hoyt, Gottmeier Lead The Way In Sandy Hook 5K
(Newtown Bee) 3/29/2014

FHA Members Discuss 12/14 Memorial, Plymouth Hall Reuse, Expenses
(Newtown Bee) 3/28/2014

Ambulance Garage Construction Continues
(Newtown Bee) 2/28/2014

Hockey Coaches Receive FHA Encouragement Following Ice Arena Proposal
(Newtown Bee) 2/26/2014

Town Plan, FFH Plan Now Available In Book Form
(Newtown Bee) 2/2/2014

Ambulance Garage Work Continues Despite The Cold
(Newtown Bee) 1/31/2014

Looking For Winter Fun? Try Fairfield Hills' Ice Skating Rink
(Newtown Patch) 1/21/2014

FFH Authority Elects New Chair, Reflects on 2013
(Newtown Bee) 1/13/2014


2014 Will See Newtown Ramping Up Numerous Capital Projects
(Newtown Bee) 12/30/2013

Newtown Cyclocross Challenged Riders at Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 12/27/2013

Fairfield Hills Research Reveals 'Fascinating' Look at Facility's Past
(Newtown Bee) 12/11/2013

P&Z Approves Fairfield Hills Master Plan Update
(Newtown Bee) 11/27/2013

Chinese Nursing School Interested in Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 11/21/2013

General Electric's $15m Donation will Build, Staff A New Community Center
(Newtown Bee) 11/18/2013

Newtown Parent Connection on the Verge of New Fairfield Hills Home
(Newtown Patch) 11/18/2013

Danbury Hall Cleared For Demolition By State Historic Commission, EPA
(Newtown Bee) 11/14/2013

‘Howl-O-Ween’ Party Held To Benefit Newtown Park And Bark
(Newtown Bee) 10/31/2003

A Good Day For Fresh Peppers
(Newtown Bee) 8/11/2013

Newtown Arts Festival Expands To Eight Days Of Cultural Programming
(Newtown Bee) 8/8/2013

2013 Newtown Arts Festival Continues
(Newtown Bee) 8/8/2013

Newtown Ambulance Corps Breaks Ground at Fairfield Hills Site
(Newtown Patch) 7/30/2013

Fairfield Hills Farmers’ Market is Fantastic for Foodies
 (Hamlet Hub Newtown) 7/25/2013

Newtown Ambulance Corps Breaks Ground At Fairfield Hills Site
(Newtown Patch) 7/30/2013  

Great Newtown Reunion Announces Ticket Sales, Event Updates
(Newtown Bee) 6/28/2013

New Emergency Medical Service Center Could Soon Break Ground
(Newtown Bee) 6/20/2013

Rain Brings Early End To Season's First Farmers Market
(Newtown Bee) 6/20/2013

Nearly 500 Participate In Rooster Run
(Newtown Bee) 6/20/2013

Ambulance Association Ready To Move On New Building
(Newtown Bee) 3/21/2013

Grant Funds Enable Clean Up at Fairfield Hills
(Newtown Bee) 3/20/2013

EverWonder Files Draft Letter Of Intent To Lease Plymouth Hall
(Newtown Bee) 3/14/2013

FFH Authority Earmarks Plymouth Hall For Everwonder Museum
(Newtown Bee) 3/7/2013

FFH Proposals Include Memorial, Museum, Soccer Stadium, Medical Center
(Newtown Bee) 2/22/2013

New Aerial Photos Posted on GIS Website
(Newtown Bee) 3/7/2013


Newtown gets brownfields grant
(Danbury Newstimes) 5/28/2012


Newtown Residents Use Their Green Thumbs for Good
(Danbury Newstimes) 7/18/2011




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